AT&T 3B2 Maintenance Utilities

These are bootable diskettes containing the DGMON diagnostic monitor, as well as hard disk and floppy disk formatting utilities. One disk supports the 300/310/400 series of 3B2, while the other supports the SCSI 500/600/700/1000 series.

These images are straight sector-by-sector copies of original floppies. If you wish to write them to physical diskettes again, you can use the dd utility in UNIX or Linux, or the ImageDisk utility in DOS.

Physically, diskettes are two-side 80 track 96tpi DS/DD media using 250kbps MFM encoding, 9 sectors per track, 3:1 interleave.

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[   ]3B2_Maintenance_Utilities_4-0.img720KMaintenance Utilities for the 3B2/300,/310, and /400
[   ]3B2_500_Maintenance_Utilities.img720KMaintenance Utilities for the 3B2/500,/600,/700, and /1000

Maintained by Seth Morabito <>

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