AT&T 3B2 Miscellaneous Tools

This directory contains miscellaneous tools and utilites for the 3B2 on 720KB 5.25” floppy diskette images

These images are straight sector-by-sector copies of original floppies. If you wish to write them to physical diskettes again, you can use the dd utility in UNIX or Linux, or the ImageDisk utility in DOS.

Physically, diskettes are two-side 80 track 96tpi DS/DD media using 250kbps MFM encoding, 9 sectors per track, 3:1 interleave.

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[   ]EPORTS_Driver.img720K 
[   ]CKermit_189.img720KC-Kermit 5A(189) for the 3B2
[   ]Korn_Shell.img720KKorn Shell (ksh). NOTE: An MAU accelerator is required!
[   ]STARLAN_Utilities.img720KSTARLAN Driver and Utilities

Maintained by Seth Morabito <>

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