ATS-4b Errata

Last Updated: Sunday, November 27, 2011

A quick rundown of errata discovered so far in KD1JV's ATS-4B manual. These all come from the “AT_Sprint” Yahoo group.

  1. Page 15: U6 is a SOT-23-6, not SOT-23-5
  2. Page 16: C30 appears twice. In the list of RED capacitors, change C30 to C26 (which is not found in the table)
  3. Page 17: R48 in the table should be changed to R45 (as shown in the diagram)
  4. Page 19: The diagram correctly shows R48 (100K), but it is not listed in the table. It is missing from the kit. You may substitute either the 1K or 3.6K resistor that is left over depending on whether you're building for 15m or 17m.
  5. Page 19: R11 (10 ohm, marked “100”) is not listed in the table, but is correctly indicated on the diagram.
  6. Page 19: The variable resistor labelled “V1” in the diagram is referred to as “V2” in the table.
  7. Page 22: The table of inductor values is incorrect. L2 is included twice, the table does not list L10, and L6 and L8 are listed with wrong values. The following table is correct:
    L1/L2 39 uhy Orange/white/black/gold
    L3/L4/L5/L6 10 uhy Brown/black/black/gold
    L7/L8 6.8 uhy Blue/gray/gold/gold
    L9/L10 3.9 uhy Orange/white/gold/gold
  8. Some kits are missing the (5) yellow/red-strip 1.0μF and (3) yellow 0.001μF (1000pF) 0805 ceramic chip capacitors