[Picture of Seth]

About Me

I’ve been active on the Internet since 1992, and since then I’ve been privileged to work with some of the brightest people in the industry. Every day is a learning experience, I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Amateur Radio

I'm a ham radio operator. My call sign is W7KME. I'm still pretty new to the hobby, I passed my Technician and General class exams in May 2010, and upgraded to Amateur Extra in October 2010. I mostly enjoy the HF bands, especially listening for distant stations ("DX") from thousands of miles away. I'm currently learning morse code so I can participate more fully in the radio experience.


I bind books. By that I mean that I fold paper, sew the folded sections together, glue them up, make cases or lace on boards, and cover with paper or cloth or leather. I’m also a somewhat decent calligrapher, and I’ve got a bit of experience pulling letterpress prints from a Vandercook proofing press. Book arts and lettering arts are as much of a passion for me as software. You can see my woefully out of date portfolio here.


I play the banjo, specifically an older style called “clawhammer” or “frailing”, played on the open-back banjo. It's a more melodic and old-timey sound than that new-fangled Bluegrass the kids are into these days.


I enjoy tinkering both with old computer hardware and software. Since space is a premium, a lot of my interest lately focuses on simulation and emulation, using tools like Bob Supnik's SIMH.







I'm not on IRC very frequently these days, but when I am I use the nick Twylo, and can generally be found on the Freenode network.